A list of launches we will be attending

10/15-17/2021 Octoberfest, Las Vegas, NV
10/22-24/2021 October Skies, Fresno, CA
11/5-7/2021 HAVOC, Holtville, CA
12/11/2021 ROC
3/12/22 ROC Lucerne, CA
3/18,3/19,3/20/22 Springfest Las Vegas NV
4/1,4/2,4/3/22 Sara Tucson, AZ
4/9/22 ROC Lucerne, CA
5/7,5/8/ Holtville, CA
5/14/22 ROC Lucerene, CA
6/9,6/10,6/11,6/12/22 LDRS ROC Lucerene, CA
6/17-6/25/22 Spaceport America's Cup New Mexico

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