RocketPoxy G5000 32oz

2-Pint kit(32oz)

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G5000 is a two component filled epoxy with high strength bonds for joining fiberglass and carbon fiber composites with extremely high shear strengths. It mixes to a smooth creamy paste that when applied eliminates drips, sagging, or runoff. It is great for fillets and around the perimeter of centering rings.

Product Specs:
2 Pint package(32oz)
1:1 Easy mix ratio
Thick paste - no runs, no sags
Cures to a smooth glass-like surface
Can be Tinted by pigments to any color (black pigment included)
Low odor
Shore "D" hardness when cured: 85 ASTM D2240
Working time after mixing: 30-40 minutes
Cures in 6-8 hours

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