4in Donut AVBay

4in Donut AVBay kit

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This kit is designed to allow you to fit long motors into your rocket.
By making a pass through that allows the motor to go through your AVBay you can put longer motors in your rocket.

Kit includes:
1 x 54mm MMT 8.5in long or longer
2 x 54mm centering rings that fit the ID of a 4in coupler
1 x 54mm centering ring that fits the OD of the 4in coupler
1 x Airframe bulkhead
(coupler not included)
(colors may vary)

This allows you to make stepped AVBay lids that have a 54mm MMT passing through them.
Also you have the bulkhead at the top so your Main parachute compartment is still sealed.
And if you need to go clean through the bay simply add another CR and don't use the BH.

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